Membership Information

VIP / LIFETIME / FOUNDING Memberships allow for discounts on all shotgun sports targets, push cart rentals, golf cart rentals, shotgun rentals, and ammunition purchases.

Membership Pricing is not in effect during Tournaments.


Lifetime Membership:

To those interested in VIP status and a significant discount on all listed items.

Pricing Level: **VIP MEMBER**

Cost: $2500/one time fee



Founding Membership:

Extended only to original members who assisted Clyde in the creation of Amelia Shotgun Sports.

For information pertaining to our Founder Memberships, please follow the following link:

Pricing Level: **VIP MEMBER**



We ask that you take pride in your membership and help us promote it and the club in a positive way; keeping it clean and providing a safe place for everyone’s shooting pleasure .

Your membership may be revoked at any time without refund if you shoot any unapproved ammunition (approved ammo: shot size no larger then 7 1/2 with maximum pay load of 1-1/8 ounce), load more than 2 shot shells at a time, shoot while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, destroy club property, injure other guests or club personnel in any capacity or become a liability affecting the profits/reputation of Amelia Shotgun Sports.


To View or Print our Safe Harmless Form:  Safe Harmless Release Signature Page