Founding Member - Frequently Asked Questions

As new owners of Amelia Shotgun Sports we are happy to carry on the dream and legacy of Clyde Goodbread.
We are excited to not only make every improvement to the club that is necessary and needed for it's functioning and survival,
but we also want to put in the efforts and funds to make it unique and beyond exceptional!

It is clear to us that, in the past, the Founding Members had Amelia Shotgun Sports as a fun stomping ground
which they helped fund and could access any time they pleased.
Although this is recognized, understood and respected by Dawn & Jimmy,
we ask that all Founding Members recognize, understand and respect that
Amelia Shotgun Sports has been fully purchased and is now owned and operated by both Dawn & Jimmy.
The club was acquired at a fair, respectable price with full knowledge that
considerable financial investment would need to be made for its functioning and improvement...
this purchase also included the debt of honoring all Founding Members' Credit Balances.

Our Request To Founding Members...
  • Both Dawn & Jimmy have equal positions as Owners... while the club is under the full direction of Dawn who you can direct your questions or concerns to.
  • Be respectful to our staff as they learn and implement new systems; and enforce any new rules we have put in place.
  • Be patient during our transitions and the implementation of new systems.
  • Recognize that some policies and procedures are different then they were before, don't assume everything is the same as it has always been... if you don't know what's changed or the same, ask rather then assume it's the same.
  • Enjoy the upgraded, refurbished, and remodeled facilities, fields and courses!
  • Have Fun!... Ultimately, we are doing all we are doing with the club so people can have a great place to go, shoot targets, and enjoy themselves... we are happy when we see you happy! 

Q. What is a Founding Member?

A. Clyde Goodbread was excited to have a shotgun club for him and his friends to enjoy... however, he couldn't afford to do it on his own. Many of Clyde's friends contributed to the cause and together created Amelia Shotgun Sports. The kindness and generosity of the Founding Members was reciprocated with special discounted rates on target fees and club privileges. As new owners of Amelia Shotgun Sports we are happy to honor the generosity of Clyde's friends by creating special rates and privileges for them. Rates for Founding Members are categorized at the VIP Membership Level.


Q. What benefits do the Founding Members have?

A. Some Founding Members still have money/credit on account which they can use toward target fees and push cart/golf cart/shotgun rentals at the club.  Most Founding Members have already transferred their credit onto their LongRange Count Down Card, we welcome you to do the same. Founding Members are Lifetime Members of the club and receive all VIP Membership Level Rates. They are the only shooters welcome to use the club outside normals business hours. However, this is not our first preference... we do ask that Founding Members make every effort to shoot within our established business hours when we are fully staffed and able to ensure their safety. If you are a Founding Member and interested in shooting during our closed hours we would like to discuss the options with you.

Q. Can Founding Members still use the back gate?

A. Founding Members used to have access to the club via a back gate. The road to this gate goes through a Goodbread family neighborhood. For security reasons and to respect the privacy of the Goodbreads... this gate is locked and will not be used.


Q. Can Founding Members bring a non-member to shoot at the club and pay for them with their credit account?

A.  Yes, Founding Members can bring and pay for a non-member guest, however, the guest will be charged at the Non-Member/Guest rate.


Q. What happens when a Founding Member's monies on account is used up?

A.  We prefer that Founding Member transfer their credit onto a LongRange Count Down Card. They are able to load their card at a discounted Bulk Rate if 1000 or more targets are "purchased"using their credit. The exchange rate falls under the category "Credit or Debit Card." Once the credit balance is gone it is unnecessary to add more money to your account. Founding Members remain Founding Members and continue to get VIP Membership Level prices even if their account balance is zero. Just like a Lifetime Member, Founding Members will not have annual member fees and will be able to enjoy VIP Membership Level Rates.


Q. Want to be a Founding Member?

A. Sorry, the opportunity to be a Founding Member has ended... since the "Founding" of the club has already occurred. If you would like to also have VIP Membership Level Rates you can join as a Lifetime Member. The cost to be a Lifetime Member is a one time fee of $2,500.00, which, like our Family Membership, extends to your spouse and children living at home who are under the age of 18. You can apply to be a Lifetime Member by completing our Membership Application.