ALL CHOKED UP Combo Clinic

ALL CHOKED UP: Target Reading, Mechanics & Mind Game Shooting Clinic

When: Usually offered once a month (call 904-548-9818 for dates & to RSVP)


Target & Station Re-Visit with Jimmy Muller:

learn how to: properly prepare for the targets, read them, and get expert advice on how to shoot them
Mental Training with Dawn Grant:

learn how to: work with your mind in preparation for the station, for implementation of Instructor's coaching, and for successful mindset

We all want to be at the top of our game!

But do you find these type of things holding you back:

—you perform better in practice than competition

—you miss first or last pairs

—you try too hard to replicate or make shots happen

—you say "pull" even when you don't have a clear plan

—you are in a streak but expect you will miss at any moment

If so, then it’s only a compilation of small issues that are choking you up & holding you back

from being your best ‘in the moment when it counts!’

These small issues can cost you

as much as 30% of your score on a 100 Target Shoot!

Just one or two lost targets on each of a 14 station course

… that’s a lot of lost targets!

Clinic Includes:

50 Sporting Clays shot in a mock Competition Environment (ammo excluded)
Target Reading Assessment & Instruction during the Mock Competition
Mental Training Observations during Mock Competition
Mental Coaching Assessment and Training Session
Two Golf Carts included during the Mock Competition
Drinks and Refreshments throughout

Maximum number of places available is 6