About Club

Amelia Shotgun Sports, LLC

Is Owned By Dawn Grant

Mind Game Sports Trainer



We are open to the public as well as offer memberships for discount pricing.  We are all about safe shooting and having a wonderful shooting experience.  Whatever your level of skill, expect to have a good time!

We currently have a terrific 19 Station Sporting Clay course. Stations 1-14 have three traps at each station... where you can choose your experience... trap 1 set as a beginner target, trap 2 set as an intermediate target, and trap 3 set as a challenging target. Stations 15-19 have two traps at each station and are always set for sub-gauge/practice/training/beginners. We are constantly changing our targets to keep our shooters working on different presentations.

In addition to the Sporting Clay Course we have two Skeet and two Trap fields.  We also have a beautiful 5-Stand along the waters edge of our Blue Lagoon.

We offer technical and mental training instruction, custom ear protection, patterning board area, as well as special events and shoots. Clinics are set up throughout the year for help with mechanic, technical and the mental game. 

Our clubhouse features a welcome area and a small store for purchasing various shooting necessities.

Our club is open to the public.

We have tremendously fun and challenging courses for all shooters - come out and try them all!

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