Summer Youth Shotgun/Hunter Safety Camp

June 06, 2013


Amelia Shotgun Sports in conjunction with the Florida Wildlife Commission will offer a Summer Youth Shotgun/Hunter Safety Camp.  Camp will consist of General Gun Safety, Proper Gun Handling, Hunter Safety and Ethics, Acquiring Targets and Leads, Chokes and Patterns, Various Shotgun Sports and lots of safe and supervised shooting.

Prior to the start of class, students wishing to receive their Hunter Safety certificate will need to go to and register for the FREE online Hunter Safety Class and complete the FREE online section before June 13th, 2013.  The Hunter Safety Section of this Camp is free to students.  Students that do not wish to receive their Hunter Safety License do not need to complete the online requirement.

During the shotgun section of this camp, students will be tested for eye dominance, learn the proper shotgun mount, and learn proper gun placement in regards to acquiring and shooting the target.  Students will understand lead and follow-through.  There will be a section on shells (size and components), a section on chokes and patterns, and an introduction to each of the shotgun disciplines.  Each day, students will spend time handling a firearm and learning to use it safely and sensibly.

Shotgun classes will be held Monday through Thursday from 9am to 1pm on the week of June 17th – 20th.  The FWC Hunter Safety Section which includes mandatory class time, test, and firearm handling will be on Friday, June 21st, 2013 from 9am to 1pm.  Students will need to bring a bagged lunch.  Water will be provided.  Shotgun class size is limited to 20 students.  Cost is $125 per student.  Students must be accompanied by parent for registration.  Minimum age is 10 years of age (if parent or guardian stays on premises) or 13 years of age with signed consent form.  Shells and targets will be provided.  Shotguns, ear and eye protection will be provided if needed.

This should be a fun and informative class that builds self-esteem, makes friends, establishes a healthy respect of firearms, and could lead to college scholarships in shooting. Scholastic Clays Target Program (SCTP) information will be available for those who wish to continue in the shotgun sports programs.

We are also looking for sponsors to “help a student” attend a week.  If you have the means and are able to do so, or if you just would like more information, please call Barbara Martin at (904) 548-9818 or email or contact Allison Haga at

Persons just wishing to be involved in the FWC Hunter Safety Course are invited to complete the online FREE section and pre-register online.

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