2020 Amelia Shotgun Sports Points Race

2020 Amelia Shotgun Sports Points Race

January 21, 2020

2020 Amelia Shotgun Sports Points Race

To incentivize shooters to experience and compete at Amelia Shotgun Sports.
To provide a fun and interesting form of recognition for top performers.
To give all competitive shooters a chance to win some great prizes.
To award a Points Race Champion from across all classes.
To have fun competing!


Amelia Shotgun Sports will host 4 NSCA Tournaments in 2020:
Amelia Classic, Monday, February 24th
Super Sporting and Sporting Clays of May, Saturday, May 9th
End of Summer Clays, Saturday, August 29th
Spooky Clays, Saturday, October 10th

Just by shooting in the events you will earn tickets (raffle-style) for a great prize table that will be set up at the final Amelia Shotgun Sports NSCA tournament:
Spooky Clays on Saturday, October 10th.

Every time you attend another one of our NSCA Points Race tournaments you will be earning more chances to win prizes at our October 10th Tournament. You must be present at the drawing to win. The drawing will occur at the end of the October 10th tournament.


Participation Points: Points awarded for attending any of the tournaments. Each tournament that is attended is worth 10 points.

Competition Points: Points awarded for the shooter’s finish in their respective NSCA classification. If the shooter attends all four (4) tournaments, only their top three (3) tournaments will be counted towards their Total Points.

Total Points: The combination of Participation Points and Competition Points will be tallied together to determine the shooter’s Total Points in the final standings for the Amelia Shotgun Sports Points Race. Competition Points will be awarded based on the shooter’s finish in class:

1st & Ties – 100 Points
2nd & Ties – 90 Points
3rd & Ties – 80 Points
4th & Ties – 70 Points
5th & Ties – 60 Points
6th & Ties – 50 Points
7th & Ties – 40 Points
8th & Ties – 30 Points
9th & Ties – 20 Points
10th & Ties – 10 Points

1ST – $300
2ND – $150
1ST – $100

Ties for any of these places will be shot-off at the Amelia Shotgun Sports’ Spooky Clays Championship in October. If there are no members from a particular class or concurrent who are eligible to win (by not shooting at least 3 events), no payout will be given for that class.